Friday, May 8, 2009

Did you cast your Vote ?

Hi Dear Indians,

When I am casting my vote first time. I have a big dilemma because there is no suitable candidate which I looks. But finally I am casting my vote on a candidate which is better than other in my view.

Off course my first sentence is the common reason for educated "Pappu's". I have same feeling in first times as telling you as above.

But did you think any time why does it happened ? I have a answer, because no body likes us wants to come in this line so how can it is possible to see such type of candidate which suitable us. On the other hand when such type of candidates comes, we "pappus" doesn't cast their vote. I have a big example and that is Hon'able Prime minister and a great economist Mr. Manmohan Singh. It is a unfortunate for our democracy that he was never elected as a LOKSABHA member.

So please cast your vote. If this time you miss it then another time must do it.

And if you have a guts then please come for contesting election.