Friday, July 17, 2009

Need of revamp in Education policies


Hi Dear Indians,

In the present context as an Indian I am very much worried about the Indian Education System. This is a particular area which must be focused by top think tank but it is a serious issue for that they do insufficient effort. Due to absence of significant step towards this issue now we found our self in this critical Situation.

Off course i am not talking about high class private school just made for rich class. My concern is only & only about education facilities available for general public, i.e. govt. school & institution, libraries, education loan facilities e.t.c.

Some days before Hon able' HRD minister announced about the removal of mandatory board exam at 10th Standard & make it optional. Majority of people welcomed this step and also some criticise it. But In my opinion off course it is a welcomed step but not sufficient. The gap between rich & poor shows in education facilities availed by them. The Sun's light is not equally available for all. Mr. HRD only saw one sided face of coin but there must be need of looking other side.

I have some major question regarding this issue. First, Can we sure about quality of education in this proposed system? Can our teacher, who just do the job of teaching for just their bread earning, honestly able to take this responsibility of nation building? Is it a best solution in present time?

My dear friends probably we have negative answers of these aforesaid questions. This is not a road map for glorious future. It is not a sufficient step who targets in root of problems. Now there is a need a Revamp in structure, design, quality of our education systems.

In my personal opinion there is a extreme need of taking a lot of significant steps towards following issues as sooner as possible.

1. We need teacher, who is actually a teacher :- In our traditional culture, a teacher occupied a position bigger than parents and even god; Why? Simply because of their sacrifice. They are the man who takes responsibility of other's children to make them Good citizen. At any cost he doesn't negotiate with his profession. He is a bias less, honest, judicious person, having great knowledge & wisdom for spreading through his pupils.
India's growing face in education is just due to these respected teachers. But in present time, how many teachers are come with in this criteria ?

2. Infrastructure :- Our PM is a great economist but i am not able to understand why he doesn't able to reduce govt. wasteful expenditure and unutilisation of money. CAG Report normally gives significant indication about it but by unfortunate there is no body to take care about it, no one in parliament, no one in media and no one in public.
Our HRD says " govt. has not sufficient fund for spending on education so Public-private Partnership(PPP) is required." It is a wonderful that govt. raises a big sum from taxpayers directly or indirectly under the head Education Cess and Secondary & Higher education but its ridiculous that a majority of part of this fund is unutilised yet. So please Mr. HRD first you spent this fund judiciously and honestly then if you need fund India's public is so generous about education they come forward. So please go for building infrastructure for education.

3. Revamp in Education System : - When all the world learning practical aspects rather than theoretical aspects, we doing opposite of same. No One University of India except JNU can claim at par of Overseas Universities. Our Primary education is just for formality and higher education is just for politics; why? off course there is need of Revamp.

So Who will change? sir we and only we because no body will come except us. These old men just living for his fulfillment rather than nation. They are Politician as profession. they do for living kings life on the cost of general public.

So now we middle class people must take this responsibility, because at low level life has spent in bread-earning only and at high level there is no Gautam Buddha and Bhagwan Mahavir.