Saturday, November 27, 2010

Now Path is clear

Jai Gurudev!

Dear friends!

I am again on blog after a long and very long time.

There is some reason behind this. First reason is i am in dark about my vision. one side i want to go in politics and other side i want to clear my ca and take the family responsibility and one side more is this i want to go for varaigya means total disassociation from this physical world.

One more reason is my ca final exam which completed on this 22th November. But due to accident i didn't appear in 3rd and 4th paper of first group.

If i see my past 6 months, very interesting is it. how?

First i join a group for the purpose of protesting the govt. decision to allow cast counting in Census 2011 where we failed to achieve our goal.

For Analysis of the decision, i only find the cause behind this that seniors in our group want to protest but their priorities is something else which demotivate us and reduces our efforts to achieve this goal.

After this i am concentrating on my exam. Suddenly one friends tell me about DSN course of Art of living , which costing Rs. 4000/-. This amount is hard to spent for me but due to the blessings of Guruji i joined the course. I got lots of energy, positiveness and commitment after doing this course. But again my confusion about which i discussed earlier in this post, is not remove. Also my exam is on head. Due to the Yamuna floods in delhi and fever&Cold, i am in great trouble (Because i lived at near Bank of Yamuna). My study preparation is not going well. My spiritual thoughts also raised my disinterest in study but the real and real goodness is i am not in any tension.

Again on 1st November Guruji came in delhi and in public meeting at Vasant Kunj i asked to guruji about confusion. They simply say "Do your study, take family responsibility, got the stage of entering in politics and the come at Ashram". And my confusion is gone and path is clear. I was just saying "Jai Gurudev".

One changes also comes in my life now i know how to celebrate every festival, every event, every date and every moment. Just due to the Kripa of Guruji.

After the date on which i met guruji, I am doing study as well as celebrate the great festival of Diwali and Chhath and also Bhai-Duj, Goverdhan Puja and Sama Chakeva (it is festival of brother-sisiter celebrated in Bihar).

On 10 November, the day of exam of Paper II, i met accident and didn't appear in III and IV exam. I am alos not in situation of appearing in other paper of second group. But due to the blessing of Guruji my commitment  and positive energy level brings to succeed me appear in all paper of second group.

Now i just want to do Sadhna daily and Seva as maximum possible by 100% committment. Guruji May  Just blessed me for this.

So dear friends join Art of Living basic course as well as other course after this.

Jai Gurudev!